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Vicki Reale
From: Port Maquire Australia (living in San Clement)
Best result: 3rd place US Open 2011, 1st Place Salt Creek Pro 2008
Sponsor: Ebodyboarding.com
Roberta Bitzer
Current Ranking: 7th
From: Macae Brazil
Best result: 2x USBA Women's Champion, 2x Jenks Champ, 1x Sandy Beach Pro Champion
Sponsors: Lucy Love, Milkshakes Bodyboards, Sambazon Acai and Deluxe Fins
Andrea Carvalho Dias
Current Ranking: 3rd US tour 2011
From: Brazil
Best result: 2nd US tour 2006, 3rd in 2007, 2010 and 2011. Top 16 World Tour 2009
Sponsors: Domino's Pizza and MauiJim sunglasses
Natasha Overin
From: San Clemente California
Current Ranking: 4th
Best Result: 4th at the US Open of Bodyboarding 2011
Karla Costa Taylor
From: Rio Brazil (Living Hawaii)
Current Ranking: #2
Best Result: 2010 USBA Champ, US Open Champ 2011, Sandy Beach Pro Champ 2011 & World Champion IBA
Claudia Ferrari
Current Rankings: #3
Best Result: 1x USBA Champ, Sandy Beach Pro Champ
Sponsors: Sik Chiks, Aloha Gift from Hawaii
David Hubbard:
From: Kauai, Hawaii
Current Ranking: 1st Prone 1st Drop Knee
Best Results: Dual (Drop Knee & Prone) wins @ the Sport Chalet US Open 2011Dual (Drop Knee & Prone) wins @ NYBB Pro 2006, 2011 Dual Drop Knee and Pro US Champ.
Sponsors: Morey Boogie,The Foam Co & RXYM
Josifran Araujo
Current Ranking: 18th
From: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Best Result: 4th at the NY Bodyboarding Pro, 11th US Open 2010
Sponsors: Souls 4 Jesus, Fine woods Hawaii & Deluxe Fins
Jacob Romero
Current Ranking: 2nd
Best Result: US Open 2010 Champion
Sponors: Turbo, Flipmode, The Foam Co.
Jeff Hubbard
From: Kauai, Hawaii
Best Result: Has Won every event on tour Multiple times, 6x US Champion
Sponsors: BZ Pro Boards, Ocean Current, Vertra & 662 Mobb
William " Bud " Miyamoto
From: Kauai, Hawaii
Best Result: 2nd place Drop Knee at Sandy Beach Pro 2010
Sponsors: Kona Red, Manta Bodyboards
Trevor Kam
From: Oahu, Hawaii
Current Ranking: 7th
Best Result: 4th and the 2010 Sandy Beach Pro
Sponsors: Science, Gyroll, MS Vipers
Chris Taloa Won
From Oahu, Hawaii
Current Ranking: 17th Prone Drop Knee 3rd
Best Result: 3rd at the US Open of Bodyboarding 2011 Drop Knee Pro
Sponsors: NMD & Quicksiliver
David Phillips
From: Kauai Hawaii
Current Ranking: 7th
Best Result: 7th at US Open of Bodyboarding 2011
Sponsors: BZ, Ocean Current & Churchill

Matt Holzman
Current Ranking: 25th
From: Kauai, Hawaii
Best Result: 4th at the Jenkinson's Pro
Sponsors: Science, Gyroll & MS Viper