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To the fans and athletes of the USBA National tour. Due to economic constraints and the lack of a Title sponsor for the year of 2013 the USBA tour will be reforming to create a sustainable national ranking system.
 With the aid of regional organizers this is feasible. As of right now due to Super Storm Sandy and the rebuild in the northeast, the Jenks Pro is on Hiatus for 2013. In
Replacement , the FBA Association and  its head organizer Kenny Lawrence  are in the process of securing a central Florida rated USBA event with their team. 
As of right now , the Sandy Beach Pro/Am will be the first rated event on the USBA National tour. The event will have a check in at Dave and Busters at the 5th of July and be run the 6th and 7th. Over the weekend.
At present time the local organizers in California have not committed to an event but we will keep the body boarding community posted as things develop. the USBA Hawaii regional tour will not be running for the 2013 season. A new tour under the management of the IBA Hawaii is looking to run events for the 2013 season for Pro athletes only and all riders are encouraged to look into this to stay competitive and progress in the wonderful sport of body boarding.
 For now we would like to the thank everyone for their support of the USBA National tour. We would like to thank in no specific order Steve Jackson, Manny Vargas, Kainoa McGee, Todd Martin,  Matt Catalano, Roberta Bitzer, David Kelly, Pat Caldwell, James Clancy, RJ Clayton and Conner Cameron (RIP) . We would also like to thank the Jenkinson’s Property in New Jersey and their staff for years of great events, The City and County of Honolulu, our long term partners SCION, Dave and Busters as well as many others along the years such as SCIENCE Bodyboards, Morey Bodyboards, 662 Mob and others for their industry support of the USBA Movement.
Most importantly however we would like to thank the athletes who support the tour from each part of the nation with a huge emphasis on the Hawaiian talent that always supported and traveled to every event they can. For every hard day of  event running there is a new talented youth with a smile that make it worth the effort. We truly thank you the athletes and parents of our Amateur athletes for being apart of the USBA and what we had done over the last 8 years.
From here we hope to grow more regions and local organizers willing to create successful events in their region and keep the movement going on their home soil.
Jason Bitzer
Founder of the USBA National Tour