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Dave and Busters Sandy Beach Pro FINAL DAY
Event: Dave and Busters Sandy’s Beach Pro  FINAL DAY RELEASE
Presented By Acura of Honolulu
In association with: Truly Hemp, 662 Mob, Ally, NMD, VS, ARMY, Heineken & Empire.
Date: July 7th and 8th
             The 2012 D&B Sandy Beach Pro was non-stop action on the final day. All divisions had their hero’s and upsets.
David Hubbard took out US Open Drop Knee winner Sammy Morretino  in a very action packed heat. New comer Kawika Kamai placed second in his first ever Drop Knee Pro event. He was a last minute replacement to a sick Nick Trotter and made great use of the wild card into the event.
14-18 new comer Sam Medeiros took out the regulars of Tanner McDaniel , Sammy Morretino and Keanu Gregory. He did so with stylish big airs and great bodyboarding.
Open Amateur had Matt Holzman dominating most of the heat until Keanu “Bubu” Casemiro  worked his way back two second and almost caught the on fire Matt Holzman in the dieting moments. Respectively Sammy Morretino and Thieves rounded out the finals.
13 & under had amazing action on par with the older division. Tanner McDaniel had a great event dominating his primary division with a hard fought battle going down again runner up Keoki Mauralt.
Both Women’s division Amateur and Pro had great action from new comers and veterans alike. Former World Champion Claudia Ferrari surf constant all the way to the final where she could not find the waves to progress past the other women’s. Roberta Bitzer started off with a  great two round progression as well to fall short with lack of a back up score and settled for third. Liana Carson of the Big Island made her first event Pro final competing as an amateur and took out tour vets with very good use of her time and wave selection. However 2x World and 2x USBA national champion Karla Costa Taylor placed first for the second year in a row with solid surfing, taking the win in the last five minutes with a big air Rollo for the win.
The Amateur girls took apart Pipe little’s just after the women’s Pro final and it was Stephanie Frank who surprised the crowd with her first win at a USBA event. Congratulations to all the girls  as it was a great turn out and performance by all.
The Open Pro however was the show of the day with a slow start to the heat and a turn of events that will reshape the USBA and the winner’s future. Sammy Morrentino took out 2x World Champ Jeff Hubbard and current national champion David Hubbard in the last five minutes of the event. He did so with a huge Invert to roll which the judges gave the highest score of the heat. From there the field was on the chase creating a hassling situation between all competitors to scramble out of their position. In the end it was 15 year old Sammy Morrentino who walked away with the win and was on the verge of tears as his Kalian friends hoisted him up the beach.

Aloha from the USBA and thank you to Dave and Busters for another year of great awards parties and support. Along with our other partners Acura of Honolulu , 662, Empire, Ally, NMD, VS & Empire.