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Sandy's event recap
An amazing weekend went down with so many moments of brilliance it would be hard to mention them all.
However at the Dave and Busters 2013 Sandy Beach Pro Presented by Triad, Kicks and Local Motion there were six major sticking points.
1.     Jeff Hubbard perfect heat in the Semi Finals of the Pro Men’s with a astonishing barrel to back flip and a backflip to roll to ARS to seal his first event perfect heat.
2.     Two Sammy Morrentino’s perfect ten Backside Barrel to Snap , claimed by Jeff Hubbard as the best backside barrel ever ridden at Half point in history.
3.     JB Hilen’s all around performance throughout the entire event with amazing riders with heat totals above 17 through out the day.
4.     Dave Hubbard’s last minute heroics to win his second Sandy Beach Pro title with the USBA and some amazing DK riders on the way to the final.
5.     Legend McNamara with one of the smoothest  air rolls we have ever seen from a 9 yr. old.
6.     Liana Carson’s sashimi Rock air rolls to take out Melanie Bartels who was on fire the entire event.

The event was amazing all around from the vibe, to the surf to the support form the Industry , News and Dave and Busters our long-term support.

Keep your eyes pealed for Photos and video on FB and www.usbatour.com.
Aloha USBA